The Bitcoin Cash fork can be only a bit tricker to play compared to other championships. Here’s just a fast break down of risk vs. reward.

Reward: You obtain both variants of Bitcoin Cash in the event you’re searching to your Nov 1-5 fork. From case where both ABC and SV pre-form well, you wind up with either to trade or HODL. This very best case basically frees you “free money. ” Imagine both preform well with time? Imagine both hold an adequate significance against BTC, which might possibly be epic! Even rightnow ABC IOUs have reached exactly the amount Bitcoin Cash has been in its recent highs while SV IOUs have reached $140. Even the entire value there’s really a good boost in contrast to Bitcoin Cash that a couple weeks back. Inspite of the play, thus far, really great.

Risk: The SV Circle is playing ball. It seems they will have not employed replay safety and also have stated a goal to destroy ABC. In case SV attracts A51% strike and destroys ABC, or whether the deficiency of replay safety contributes to the majority of ABC, then you definitely at a way may not obtain “free money. ” Instead you may possibly obtain SV into trade/use…. Plus some ABC you are able to ‘t move around effectively locked on a dead chain. Your end result is potentially taking a loss in the short term, especially given the current store amount of SV IOUs vs. ABC IOUs(quoted in at their current value above). Further, most exchanges have been super vague on which chains they will support. If you have your BCH on an exchange who doesn’t encourage both chains, and then you definitely don’t obtain to make your own choice on which chain to trade / hodl (meaning you could lose a chunk of your current BCH value).

Usually with a fork you are looking for two solid ideas, like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, and hoping that you obtain “free money” when two respectable camps breach ranks and go their own way.

With this fork that may be the outcome, but with Craig’s SV camp declaring war on Roger’s ABC camp, there is an extra layer of risk here that isn’t ordinarily pose in forks.

That said, it can also be perhaps one of the very highprofile forks of a high-profile coin at crypto history… therefore that it isn’t one to dismiss lightly, even with the risks considered.

TIP: Poloniex is the only exchange that clearly is supporting both chains at the moment. Meanwhile Bittrex has been the most clear of the exchanges not currently supporting both chains. Part of the risk is choosing the right exchange / wallet, so research carefully.

NOTE: If you don’t know some of these jargon I used previously, please see our detailed page to the Bitcoin Cash fork. This really is a Intricate problem and I will ‘t cover every detail and produce a short readable page at the similarly time

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Risk Vs. Reward Around the Bitcoin Cash Fork