Overly bullish forecasts which obtain people trapped purchasing high aren’t cool, so don’t require this particular article therefore. Nevertheless, I really do desire to muse on a potential universe where ETH will dancing exactly what BTC failed from 2013 — 2017.

Phrased like a matter:

What if ETH will from 2017 to the next what BTC failed from 2013 — 2017? So much their graphs look strikingly similar.

Consider this:

  • After moving out of several cents to $400 at the span of a couple years prior to 2017, ETH travelled from roughly $1,400 at a top to $150-ish in a lesser price and also the settled approximately $200 in the middle 2017 — 2018 (settled at now, I don’t know what happens next).
  • It is the equal story for BTC. After going from a few cents to $125 from 2010 — 2013, BTC went from about $1,200 at a high to $150-ish at a low and settled around $200 in the middle 2013 — 2015 (I do know what happens because this happened in the past).

Look at the overlay chart above, the lighter candles are BTC and the darker ones are ETH. Now look at the chart beneath, that one is clearly labeled and tells the equal story.

That story being, ETH is making a very similar pattern to BTC’s old chart, even to the extent that it is hitting some similar amount points from its high into its correction phase.

ETH 2018 bubble vs BTC 2014 bubble and how to find the bottom of a marketplace cycle.

Now with the above said, there are some solid counterpoints to this style of thinking.

One is that expecting history to repeat exactly is probably not the most realistic expectation. There are already some major differences in the middle 2015 and 2018 (for example, different dollar values, different news items, and different levels of adoption).

Second, BTC and ETH don’t have exactly the equal source (ETH comes with a bigger supply and doesn’t have the hard cap BTC has).

Also, just in general, going up 100x is absurd… but of course, we’ve all seen shares and cryptos do it, and let’s not forget BTC went up over 100x from the low of the chart I’m showing above ($150 to $20,000 is over 130x)… but still, absurd.

Also, let’s be honest, both ETH and BTC were both already up more than 100x by the time they hit $150 (as both traded under a quarter at some point in their lives), and this itself was absurd.

And that is the thing. While 100x gain seems absurd to say out loud, in reality it happens in practice in both equities and cryptos.

The reality is, how things look depend on how you frame them.

Let’s look at the fractal log projection beneath, that pattern looks reasonable if you don’t check out at the amounts onto the ideal side of this graph. And this pattern takes us 20k and outside within the duration of years.

What should ETH is really a bullish virtually most of up the way? This can be actually the definition of a very long haul.

Point being, though you’ve got to be just a little nuts to make gambling on $20k ETH until you’ve got spare capital and also a risk tolerance, then there are certainly a couple simple logical arguments which may be designed to get a possible world where ETH belongs into the moon and outside.

It seems mad in overall, however it isn’t really that crazy from some perspectives given enough time.

The lesson here isn’t “be bullish (short or long term),” that the lesson is “there is no lesson, this is just a what if. “

The imagine should be, “what if ETH 2018 is self similar to BTC 2015? ” That includes a few mad implications. But even though we drop right down to $50 and soda straight back upto $5 k $100 around $10 k, the gist of that which I’m saying holds.

Interesting to consider, but you have to be just a little nuts to bank about it. If you’re purchasing ETH, it ought to be with threats in mind also it should really be determined by the share, not to a few mad pipedream of prospective wealth fed for you purchase a few guy online.

Let’s be fair There’s also a possible planet where ETH goes to fifty pennies, one in which it’s $200 within 5 Decades, one in which it falls down 50 percent and locates equilibrium there, etc..

That said, risks a side, I am not very curious about playing “what if ETH drops or stops moving” in the following guide, I interested about just how BTC’s crash of 2013 — 2015 contrasts with ETH’s crash of 2018 and everything that could mean at the finest of possible worlds. And then that’s what we simply did, discussed . Any way back to reality where people come at a bear marketplace!

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Is There a Possible World Where ETH Goes 20k?