Keep an Eye Out For Bitcoin Gold Scams

Let us give you a crystal clear warning. Don’t go chasing Bitcoin Gold so hard you obtain scammed. There are fake wallets and fake instructions floating around. Using them can result in you losing Bitcoin.

Essentially, if you put your private keys in a fake Bitcoin Gold wallet designed for “phishing,” it can eat your Bitcoins.

The official Bitcoin Gold site will release instructions for claiming Bitcoin Gold tokens (i.e. the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin Gold). The instructions have not been released yet (and even after they are, they need to be verified by outside sources before you should follow the steps).

UPDATE: The official site is starting to list wallets that can be used to claim Bitcoin Gold. You can follow the instructions in those links. However, in general, you won’t have the ability to gain access to your Bitcoin Gold until after November 1 st. For a typical instance of a legit means to amass Bitcoin Gold watch:Collecting your complimentary Bitcoin Gold ($BTG) coins withCoinomi out of two: See Bitcoin Gold officially started, watch probably the the recent upgrade and discover out just how to maintain Gold.

You have your Gold for those who were at a wallet/exchange that encouraged that the fork throughout the fork in obstruct 491,407 (i.e. when you stored your keys or for those who were to a stage which encouraged your fork). In other words, you’ve the keys related to your Bitcoin Gold that it even in the event that you don’t have Bitcoin Gold tokens in a Bitcoin Gold wallet.

TIP:After block 491,407 you can spend or move out your Bitcoins. A snapshot was taken at block 491,407. It was only in that moment that Bitcoin and Bitcoin Gold were directly connected. Moving forward, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Gold should be considered completely different coins.

With that said, to actually access your tokens, you need to take steps that are essentially unknown at the moment.

If you found a source that seems like they are offering you instructions, chances are they are phishing for your coins and you are going to obtain burned.

Don’t obtain burnt. Have a chill pill and then wait patiently for official directions and also a loaf ‘ ups from pros like Bittrex, Coinbase, official wallets, the Bitcoin core team, etc.

Or, if you do want to play with fire, don’t literally place together of your BTC from the rando pocket you discovered on line that claims to function as Bitcoin Gold wallet-but isn’t on the official site and doesn’t also show in Google.

Bitcoin Gold could go down or up at the mean time, so may possibly Bitcoin, however enjoy, your own Bitcoins would be the actual share with value . You overlook ‘t want to jeopardize them because you have itchy fingers and want your Bitcoin Gold now.

This whole fork as been a little sketchy. Proceed with caution and consider,as Bittrex says:

Bitcoin Gold does not currently have:

  • Fully formed consensus code
  • Implemented replay security
  • Adequate code for testing and auditing
  • Publicly known code developers

Do you want to go messing with fake wallets and a coin without replay security based on secondhand information? That is your call. Most will likely want to heed more conservative advice and wait for an official word (or wait for your wallet or exchange to give you the thumbs up).

All that said, we can give you are insight, but we can’t let you know exactly what direction to go with your own life. You want to generate your own personal investment decisions. But for most of your typical traders available, be more mindful and overlook ‘t let the lure of trading Bitcoin Gold now obtain in the way of your better judgement.

TIP: Word on the street (which can be verified via GitHub code; see following link) is that Bitcoin Gold has been premined. Considerwhat Bittrex says, “Bitcoin Gold code-base also comprises aprivate premine of all 8,000 cubes (100,000 BTG). Please be mindful that in the event the marketplace does open there’s a chance of those programmers attempting to sell their premined BTG in the available marketplace. “

BOTTOMLINE: You are an adult (probably), you can make your own choices. If you want our advice, that advice is:Watch out for fake instructions and fake wallets (see examples offishy instructions for claiming Bitcoin Gold tokens via fishy wallets).You can lose your Bitcoin if you make the defame moves here. Once the official site gives instructions, we will verify and post them. Seethe official BitcoinGold site.

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Don’t Get Scammed: Hodl Your Bitcoin Gold