Dogecoin rallied a week ago nearly touching BTC high in January 2017. No additional high crypto has been doing that yet. That is probably an answer to this coming Dogethereum. However, you must wonder whether it Doge isn't acting as a canary in an altcoin gold mine.

Historically, after all 2014, Doge has tended to rally at the start and end of new crypto cycles, or if not, its rallies tended to coincide with significant points in the store (see Doge vs. Market cap for example; tip you have to look at this on a log scale or move the slider over to suss out 2017 or you won't find a way to observe the data well).

Historically, Doge frequently rallies early at a fresh store cycle, also it seems overdue at a present store cycle. If it seems late I always simply take it as a sign that the shirt might function in. But when it seems ancient, I have a tendency to think/hope/wonder-if this means that the alternative.

To be reasonable, Doge didn't rally out of nowhere this time, it rallied "because Dogethereum" (many smart contracts and free Dogethereum for Doge holders), but it did none the less rally near a point which could reasonably be early in a new crypto store cycle. Part of what backs up this theory is that most other coins rallied with it, including many low/cost high volume altcoins. April aside, that hasn't happened after all we were at a bull store in January and sooner.

When Doge rallied in Feb of 2014, it was essentially the conclusion of this 2013 – 2014 jog, as it circulates into sept 2014 it indicated a place of what matters were going to obtain a whole lot worse to crypto, at June 2015 that it didn't mean many (the bottom was in and the store was sideways), when it rallied in Oct of 2015 though…. that marked the start of a 2 year long bull run! Then when it rallied in the summer of 2017 it marked the start of the biggest and most epic altcoin rally after all 2013 – 2014. Then finally we obtain 2018. The before all else 2018 rally in January marked the end of the 2017 — 2018 bubble (it was one of the last coins to "moon"). Then in 2018 it rallied two more times, once in April when Bitcoin did and once in a very minor way in July when Bitcoin did.

Is this Doge moon acting as a canary in a shhcoin goldmine? Or, is this just excitement overDogethereum and non-meme coins riding Doge's coattails? It is crypto, so there is no way to know. That said, I'll go on to keep a close eye on the store when Doge rallies due to the correlation of its chart and the crypto store as a whole.

When people are willing to throw countless millions at Dogecoin, something is up, we just need to figure out what that something is.

TIP: Other coins to look at for trend changes in the store as a whole are BTC, ETH, and XRP. If you see any of those coins rally it'll tend to mean "some thing. "

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Dogecoin Rallies over Dogethereum; Nevertheless Additionally Doge May Be a Canary in the Coal Mine