Cosmos (ATOM) established their system recently after having a very long wait and the job is now getting recorded on several significant exchanges.

Cosmos can be a thrilling endeavor with plenty of potential that intends to produce blockchains more harmonious. In reality it considers alone so many that it requires “blockchain 3.0” (at which BTC is 1.0 and ETH 2.0).

That said, ATOM specifically features a marginally suspicious cost history that’s noteworthy enough to, in my own estimation, be said next to its own killer brand new technician.

ATOM was started as an ICO at 2017 at roughly $0.10 pennies (which is not the Pre Sale cost, that’s the ICO cost ), nonetheless it’s come to the retail marketplace at $3.50 — $4.50 (which is, it’s traded about that cost range after all becoming recorded on major trades ).

To be clear, what I am saying is it is within my own estimation strange than other alts at precisely the similarly period of time.

The stark reality is, 2018 has been a nightmare for the majority of alts (even very trendy alts with working technician ). Most alts watched their value return 90%, and the couple outliers such as MKR and BNB (using really, very trendy working technician ) took a bang.

Meanwhile, ATOM must sit of this bear marketplace and after that essentially launching at a 5,000percent gain its ICO just like 2018 never happened and there is a hidden bull marketplace that implemented simply to ATOM’s little micro-cosmos.

That cost narrative may be somewhat hard to swallow for a while, but for the charge of Cosmos it’s really is tough to blame them for hanging out from this bear marketplace whenever there’s a genuine team which needs funds and real working technician supporting this market. Plus, it ought to be said that some ancient shareholders have a lock period, therefore they gained ‘t all be dumping on retail out of the gate to realize their 5,000% benefits. Lastly, it should be noted, that team Cosmos isn’t the only real job implementing this particular tactic.

In my estimation, by the point of view of a retail buyer (perhaps not just a trader), the ideal move having a job similar to that (be we speaking about Cosmos or the upcoming popular job that’ll launch such as this) would be always to put away the FOMO and dig and perform research.

Doing research implies studying the white newspaper and reading upon the maturation of the job over the span of 2018.

With that said, below are a few tools which will most likely gain your FOMO regardless of the attention roster causing markers up.

The Standard website (the white newspaper and explanations of All of the trendy Cosmos technology are available here)

An introduction into Cosmos out of Oct 2018 that clarifies how the money wasn’t trading yet at the time: What is Cosmos Network (ATOM) | A Beginner’s Guide to the Internet of Blockchain.

Where can I trade ATOM? Binance is probably one of the best places to trade ATOM, but honestly it is trading on a few major exchanges including Kraken and Bittrex as well.

Bottomline: Cosmos is a super cool project. Full stop. Can’t deny this. However, such as, are different endeavors that got rekt from 2018 because of being susceptible to the forces of their 2018 crypto marketplace. Exactly what exactly are the integrity of these endeavors that got set to the 2017 ICO FOMO after which hauled out from this 2018 keep marketplace simply to establish at a sizable markers up with their ICO cost Herein 2019? I figure that’s subjective, although still it’s a component of this narrative one must share with if they wish to share with the complete story. What’s it a deal breaker? Not likely. Might it be some thing that you should factor in throughout the preliminary FOMO phase when contemplating long-term investments, so I would state “probably, unless you feel like being MimbleWimble‘d. ” Also, should most of us say nothing and only accept that, does this establish a precedent? I am talking about, yes, also I presume that point is critical.

Cosmos (ATOM) Gets Listed After Long Awaited Launch