Everything You Need to Know About Coin Desk’s Consensus Conference, Including the Full List of Coins Being Represented

A 3 day annual crypto event,CoinDesk’s “Consensus” Conference, kicked off today with a record prove. Here’s the thing you want to find out (including a listing of coins being symbolized in consensus).

First off, interestingly, the head count is about mirroring the amount tag on Bitcoin. Last May the seminar had roughly 2,700 attendees, this season it’s roughly 8,500 (some body let them offer 50,000 tickets every year).

According to attendees it’s really a small chaotic and high priced, but such as… crypto though.

Also interesting is the price tag is about $2000 a ticket ($3,000 final second ), meaning that the seminar is earning partially $17 million in ticket sales exclusively for 2018.

With that in mind, CryptoCurrencyFacts is currently considering a CCF “Consensus” Conference because… damn dude, that will be a great deal of funds. Nevertheless, we have been plebs who conduct a crypto website, and they’re that the crypto giants that the Digital Currency Group whose endeavors comprise not merely Coindesk, however Greyscale (the finance that oversees the only real Bitcoin share; i.e., oh man these guys are serious players).

Joking and individual interest stories a side, even though we are able to ‘t all be the Digital Currency Group, we can all put a little money on black and take some moonshots on the top coins from Consensus.

FACT: Consensus gets its name from the fact that changes to Bitcoin’s Blockchain require a form of democratic consensus in the middle its users. This helps explain why so few changes are made (half-joking). It really actually does explain the Bitcoin Cash hard fork though.

A List of Cryptos Being Represented at Consensus

According to “that the World Wide Web,” and citing often great Guru of crypto TA AlanMastersand others, Altcoins that will be getting the most exposure at the Consensus 2018 are the following (based on the time they will speak at the Consensus):

Monday, May 14 * Ark (ARK) * Decentraland (MANA) * Bancor (BNT) * Agrello (DLT) * Stellar (XLM) * TheKey (TKY) * Civic (CVC) * Litecoin (LTC) * AION (AION) * Qtum (QTUM) * Pundi X (NPXS) * Zcash (ZEC) Tuesday, May 15 * Salt Lending (SALT) * Polymath (POLY) * BLOX (CDT) * VeChain (VEN) * MedicalChain (MTN) * Zcoin (XZC) Wednesday, May 16 * SONM (SONM) * Etherum (ETH) * DATAcoin Streamr (DATA) * Emercoin (EMC) * Waves (WAVES) (WCT) * Steem (STEEM) * Enigma (ENG)

With that list noted, this list (wherever it originated) is a little cherry picked. The reality is there are other coins being represented that are, let us say, just as relevant as TKY that aren’t recorded. In reality, some one informs me someone bought those coins and subsequently made this particular list.

I’d recommend one to DYOR also take a look at the state magazine which lists all of the altcoins getting symbolized.

CoinDesk’s Consensus Record Turnout and What You Need to Know