Coinbase Announces ERC20 Support and Hints in New Coins Being Listed at the Coming Months

Coinbase/GDAX announced they will soon be adding service for ERC20 tokens (a typical token sort of this Ethereum Network). They harbor ‘t announced specific coins, but they are alluding to it. [1]

This means Coinbase could be adding more cryptocurrencies (a token is a cryptocurrency) to its exchange (GDAX) and broker service (Coinbase).

So what do I mean by “can possibly be ” adding more coins? I mean this:

  • The official Coinbase announcement says, “We’re eager to announce our aim to encourage both the Ethereum ERC20 technical benchmark for Coinbase from the forthcoming months. This paves the way for encouraging ERC20 stocks around Coinbase goods later on, though we aren’t announcing support for any specific stocks or features at this time. “
  • The official Coinbase announcement doesn’t imply that they have been to get certain adding fresh tokens or possibly a particular token.
  • The official statement doesn’t imply a romantic date which brand new coins will probably be inserted when they truly are, however, does state encourage will probably prepare yourself “in the coming months. “

This is good news in a long lasting framework.

Coinbase/GDAX can be actually a top broker/exchange. Should they will bring an ERC20 token, then you may assume that they are also likely to incorporate more altcoins. This is definitely an assumption based on the truth there are a few high altcoins which fit Coinbase/GDAX standards a lot better compared to several tokens. So it’d seem sensible if another addition is merely an individual ERC20 token, however a variety of ERC20 tokens and alts.

I suggest trying never to reevaluate this news; it really is what it really is. As an alternative, browse the Coinbase statement attentively to obtain the complete comprehension of what might happen with Coinbase/GDAX from 2018 about brand new coin listings along with ERC20 tokens.

Bottom line: Support for coins that are new is forthcoming, but does that mean fresh coins without a doubt? No. Even though brand new coins being recorded sounds possible, we don’t know for sure.

We’re excited to announce our intention to support the Ethereum ERC20 technical standard for Coinbase in the coming months.

We are not announcing support for any specific stocks today. //

— Coinbase (@coinbase) March 26, 2018

What is an ERC20 token: An ERC20 token is a cryptocurrency created on the Ethereum network. ERC20 is just one token standard, but it is specifically a popular token standard on Ethereum.

FACT: Apparently new tokens will obtain added to GDAX before all else, so keep an eye on GDAX.

Coinbase / GDAX Adding ERC20 Support (Does Mean New Coins?)