Cambridge Analytica Was Working in an ICO… and Actually it Was a Pretty Cool Concept Worth Pondering

Cambridge Analytica had been focusing in an ICO before the controversy. Oddly, their ICO idea proved to be a great one. It had been a token which helps you monetize your own data. [1 ]

All play and color linked to recent Cambridge Analytica news a side, that’s really a really cool concept to get a token.

Instead of X-company having the computer data and attempting to sell it directly to an organization such as Cambridge Analytica, you might obtain paid for attempting to sell your information to an organization such as Cambridge Analytica.

“Prior to the Facebook controversy, we were developing a suite of technologies to help individuals reclaim their personal data from corporate entities and to have full transparency and control over how their personal data are used,” a spokesperson said. “We were exploring multiple options for people to manage and monetize their personal data, including blockchain technology. “

— An excerpt fromCambridge Analytica intended to issue digital money: sourcesat

Given that the recent play, Cambridge Analytica’s ICO plans are placed on hold, nonetheless it’s still worth considering the idea of a moment.

For me personally the takeaways would be the follow up (Id ‘m being Lighthearted, but also kind of severe ):

  1. Of course the provider that sold everyone else ‘s data within this unethical group of events has been doing an ICO… “lol. “
  2. Conceptually that really is amongst those couple ICO tokens which in fact makes sense for me given the present environment we find ourselves inside.

Why do I feel this is logical? This is my justification:

We definitely reside in a universe in that we can get our data will probably go on being treated as being a product, and we certainly are now living in a universe where we all bet on stocks on the web (as an instance, crypto currencies ).

It just makes sense to mash-up both of these theories. And, after all we’re mashing up them we can also obtain the profit because humans.

The present version of “use our service and we obtain your data and sell it” which is popular nowadays is not great for your consumer. The consumer trades their own valuable data for its ability to make use of an agency, the company who receives the information finds benefits along with their share amount develop, the consumer receives no yield till they have the provider ‘s asset exchange.

The consumer’s data can be an invaluable commodity at the middle of several enterprise models, the consumer doesn’t obtain a cut (they obtain to use a service, which has value, but they don’t obtain funding ).

A universe where we all control our personal data and sell our very own data to marketing businesses for digital tokens is a more desired world compared to an entire world in that we control our data in practice it’s monetized by the others.

If we’re getting to reside in a universe where our data is now a product and money is present in the shape of exceptionally insecure digital components, it simply makes sense that we’d obtain a reduction of the profits from our data from the kind of electronic equipment.

Cambridge Analytica was taking care of making that future possible… and that’s pretty trendy.

Today we have our data from theory, but the others indulge it in training. A universe where we are able to have our data from training and also market it into training, is marginally better.

Is it ironical thatCambridge Analytica of most entities brought this thought into the lighting? I’d say . Anyways, always great to have a whole conversation starter.

Here is to a marginally greater future that’s been placed on hold.

FOR MORE, SEE:Commodity Fetishism, Consumerism, the Society of the Spectacle, Alienation, and More at the Time of electronic press. At a consumer capitalist where you’re a commodity at which all of us speculate on internet currency, is really a token which unites both of these thoughts perhaps not slightly only a small piece brilliance?

Cambridge Analytica Was Working in an ICO Before the Controversy