Why You Should Consider Not Selling Your Bitcoin Gold; But Should Be Careful Retrieving It

If you held Bitcoin throughout the Bitcoin Gold fork, then at this point you have equal portions Bitcoin Gold. Even though you can maintain your Bitcoin Gold, you should consider “hodling. “

How to maintain your Bitcoin Gold: Bitcoin Gold starts briefly after November 1 st following a delay. Guidelines for asserting Bitcoin Gold really are onBitcoin Gold’s internet site (options for asserting your Gold are discovered at the pockets part of front page; if you’d your BTC in a market or alternative party wallet, then follow along with FAQ). That said, I harbor ‘t personally claimed Bitcoin Gold using the methods on the official Bitcoin Gold site yet. Honestly, I’m waiting for the dust to settle and for Bitcoin Gold to earn some trust and gain some value. Please feel free to comment with your experience.

NOTE: Even if you do nothing, you own your Bitcoin Gold (as you own the private key to your wallet’s address which points back to the Bitcoin Gold blockchain where the Bitcoin Gold exists). You don’t need to accomplish everything using Gold and soon you’re prepared, once you’re prepared, you are able to assert it (presuming you overlook ‘t lose your wallet).

On Claiming Your Bitcoin Gold

As noted above, although I suggest waiting until the dust has settled a bit to even claim your Gold (as this will avoid you being a guinea pig and clicking on the spam links out there), you can now claim your Bitcoin Gold by following one of the sets of directions on Bitcoin Gold’s website(look under the Wallets section on the front page).

You can even store it in a unofficial but featured on the sitemyBTGWallet(theoretically this works).

However, aside from claiming your Gold, I would again suggest doing nothing with it.

The comprehension for this is that we all just saw what happened with Bitcoin Cash. What happened is a small group of people went rogue and tried to kill Bitcoin using Bitcoin Cash. This involved, among other things, spiking the cost of Bitcoin Cash and crashing Bitcoin.

That means for a moment there you could have traded your Bitcoin Cash in for a nice chunk of actual Bitcoin (or, if you are in the other camp, you would now have more valuable Bitcoin Cash; either way, those who dumped it early for $300 are likely not stoked).

If you believe in Bitcoin, but didn’t care about the fork, turning $2,500 Bitcoin Cash into Bitcoin is magnificent (more Bitcoin at a less expensive cost is exactly what that calculates to). Meanwhile, in the event you like forked coins, then why are you buying them?

Right now Gold may be worth like $200. It took you almost $6,000 worth of Bitcoin to obtain 1 Gold. Why choose $200 once you could wait and possibly money for longer?

Sureit might be worthless than $200. This possibility remains real. But at the present ratio it sounds worth possessing a few or even most your gold.

The decision is yoursI only wished to concur Bitcoin Gold has officially established. Make certain to not click random links and utilize no more than the state bitcoingold.org website. Should we assume that their team is untrue, then a website ought to be OK.

NOTE: People made upset with Bitcoin Gold. It looked just like a hastily collect make an effort to profit on Bitcoin’s name. But in case it really is what they state it really is, it might have any value. Based on their site it may be reprinted using a GPU, its difficult corrects every cube, it really is Segwit friendly, also it’s replay security. That’s in fact not too bad. Plus, as an added plus they overlook ‘t seem to openly hostile to Bitcoin like Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Gold seeks to make mining decentralized, Bitcoin Cash is all about centralization. So, odd as it may seem, Bitcoin Gold could actually have value in the future… Lots of ifs in there, but you never know.

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