The Bitcoin Cash fork has been powerful… also it appears like Bitcoin Cash ABC gets spammed with small trades. Is this hash warfare or stress evaluation?

First off, the plainly superior thing: The fork proved to be powerful. ABC and SV now exist. And the applications customers Unlimited, ABC, and SV are typical running. Blocks have been mined, and SV is mining SV cubes, ABC miners mining ABC cubes, and mining infinite. That’s what you would like to determine.

Second, don’t go moving your coins or claiming SV right now. Wait for the dust the settle and wait for exchanges to turn trading back on. There is a lot going on right now, and moving your BCH tokens around isn’t safe. The typical counsel for today “do nothing. “

Alright, which covered, let’s talk regarding hash wars and stress evaluations.

You may observe the compact trades on ABC in realtime around BlockDozer.comand it’s possible to observe a tally of advice such as cubes mined on Unlimited, ABC, and SV in realtime around Cash.Coin.Dance. Therefore far ABC has got more cubes compared to SV (causing a to wonder if ABC reduced the trouble of mining inside their upgrade SV has issues… even though nevertheless, BitMEX viewed the code of coins and also noticed ABC was actually doubly difficult to mine now, therefore sheds doubt on that theory).

In relation to the hash warfare, general stress is that CoinGeek and SV swimming pool, that get a handle on a great deal of mining power and also are supporting SV and also at odds with ABC, will junk the ABC system and mine vacant cubes (See: After the Fork: How Competing Bitcoin Cash Blockchains Might Wage War).

This might fillup the mempool (pending trades ) with small trades, after which by mining vacant cubes, also make it no trades can obtain inserted into the block-chain. That might then produce the block-chain un usable.

That said, to date it’s looking like ABC goes many easier and contains more of this hash speed (even though several hours following the fork I did start to see mostly vacant blocks on ABC and perhaps not around SV).

AlsoI should see that I’m visiting the compact trades on all types of networks. With this said, many tiny trades can also be what happens at an “stress test. “

A stress test is if miners send tons of small trades to learn what blockchains could deal with.

One can try so following having a tricky disk to be certain every thing is working as designed with the newest code.

Thus, no conclusions may be drawn now without further details.

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— Roger Ver (@rogerkver) November 15, 2018

Game on….

— Dr Craig S Wright (@ProfFaustus) November 15, 2018

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Bitcoin Cash Has Forked, is the Hash War or a Stress Test?