Bitcoin Gold and Block 491, 407 Have Been a Bit of a Headache

For approximately a month we’ve discovered that Oct 25 was the date for Bitcoin Gold. But, it is now evident that block491, 407 could be your secret. That block may happen midsize over the 23rd.

As I write this we have been around block491, 374. Consider, a cube is currently about every 10 minutes, therefore 491 407 is simply hours-ish off (it really is fast approaching).

That really is exciting, but this whole adventure on the previous month was a huge “cluster fuss. “

First off, nobody really decided upon when the photo would happen (just enjoy a month before, but as of now just moments before everything are the photo ). Consider, Coinbase says it occurred, Bittrex stated the 24th, ” the state site said the 25th (and I’m pretty convinced its not one of them and its obstruct 491, 407 as a cube is equally plausible and also a magic season isn’t).

Sure, all these sources noted block 491, 407… but they did not draw the similarly conclusions about what that block meant.

Pair this with the fact that Bitcoin Gold does not currently have:

  • Fully formed consensus code
  • Implemented replay safety
  • Adequate code for testing and auditing
  • Publicly known code developers

. . .and what you have as a ball of red flags, shade, and frustration.

Clearly, the lure of free coins is great. And Bitcoin Gold might end up being a great score for those who obtain it. But being a person running a site that is trying to help people figure out what to do (and being a Bitcoin investor and using Bitcoin in a limited fashion for business) during this cluster has been a bit stressful.

Imagine trying to explain to people that either 1. the block matters, 2. Coinbase is right and it already occurred, 3. Bittrex is right and it happens on the 24th, or 4. the magic 25th date on the site is right (and these were just the best answers I found, not the only ones).

If you can’t imagine, allow me to reiterateit seems trying.

Anyway, anxiety apart, this cube may too early pass, and moving forward we will be in a position to site regarding what actually happened (and also we will be in a position to allow you to know like what happened in the event that you’d BTC at coinbase for your cube and 23rd — even 26th if people really are magical dates).

So fingers crossed this all works well, but I want to say, “Can we please as a community make sure the next hard fork isn’t an entire nightmare for every one? Bitcoin Cash and SegWit had their issues, however they moved rather smoothly. Bitcoin Gold and SegWit2x appear to being inducing issues. Once we obtain over this particular hurdle. Let’s cut on it together with the forks shrouded in controversy and mystery and give attention to stabilizing Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Block 491, 407 is Almost Here; What a Cluster Fuss