Everything You Need to Know About Claiming ANON

The BTC/ZCL fork ANON is live and also the pocket is too.To maintain your ANON if you’d your BTC or ZCL private keys, so you also want an ANON wallet.Here may be your hyperlink to the state ANON wallet on GitHub.

The hyperlink for the particular pocket is located onthe official ANON siteat at the underside of your website.

Using Best Practices to Claim Your ANON

Please follow the following guidelines beneath to safely maintain your ANON when you had been in charge of one’s keys.

  1. Download the most recent edition of the state ANON wallet out of the anonymousbitcoin GitHub(TIP: catch the exe. For both PC and the .dmg to get mac).
  2. Move out your funds from the ZCL along with BTC wallet addresses you’d your ZCL and BTC on. Thus, as an instance, you’ll conceive a brand new ZCL speech and ship your ZCL compared to this speech for ZCL. The target here will be to get a zero, or close zero balance over the speech you’d coins before the fork therefore that you may safely maintain your ANON with the corresponding individual key.
  3. Import your personal key from the older (now empty) ZCL along with BTC pockets into a ANON wallet. This means copying your personal type on your previous wallet and in the ANON pocket visiting Wallet > Import Private secret and setting the private secret in.

Doing this will lead to you have accounts of ANON from 1:1 and 1:2 ratios into a BTC and ZCL.

Simple as that really.

I harbor ‘t had a chance to do these steps, because I just saw the wallet was live (they had test builds on their GitHub prior to this; the latest release was apparently stable enough to tout on their official site, so this is a go for me). I will update this as needed after I claim mine.

NOTE: If you had your ZCL or BTC on an exchange, see details for claiming here.

TIP: Only the official wallet should be trusted, and even then you should be cautious and remove your balances before claiming ANON.

TIP: Sometimes it is smart to do nothing if you don’t wish to trade your own coins. Technically you possess ANON provided that you have your own ZCL and BTC keys. There’s no time limitation on promising ANON the theory is that. The pocket applications is brand-new, therefore some might desire to wait somewhat for kinks to obtain resolved. People that dash to assert their ANON do this at their own risk (equal for just about any job really).

ANON Wallet is Live